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A unique blog to navigate my unknown condition.

Hello, my name is Kay. Currently I have been overcome by an undiagnosed condition that has confined me to a wheelchair. I am on a journey to diagnosis and triumph this condition.

On January 2020 I became very sick, I had extremely painful headaches, was severely fatigued and laid in bed for 4 - 5 days only getting up to freshen up and eat before laying back in bed. I remember having to swallow with each word I spoke because it was difficult to talk (I don't remember if it was from an irritated throat or shortness of breath). I was sick for about 10 days but I didn't feel completely normal for 2 months. 


My heart rate should be around 60 - 65 beats/minute when standing or sitting, I have medical data from since I was a young teen to before I was sick documenting this. To this day after becoming sick my heart rate has been over 96 beats/minute at rest when in a upright position (sitting or standing), but 65 BPM when laying down.

On April 2020 I started having pain at the ball of my feet. Thinking it would go away with time, I wore high arched sandals to relieve the pressure at the ball of my feet to ease the pain. Certain things would trigger pain: such as jamming my feet into my shoes when slipping into my shoes every morning, putting my toes in the extension position when kneeling down to build stuff, or carrying heavy stuff when I started getting back into weight lifting.

November of 2020 it started getting worse and on Feb 10th 2021 I became dependent on using a wheelchair to be mobile. I haven't been able to walk ever since.

Above in the Timeline of Events link will be a detailed blog of what I have been going through and experiencing.

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A little about me...

Lifting weights is one of my first passions! I used to be really skinny. Lifting weights helped me put on size and feel unstoppable, even with what is going on right now I still feel unstoppable ;). I enjoy hiking and hosting dinner parties with friends. Another hobby of mine is investing in real estate. I enjoy buying homes and rehabbing homes to provide affordable and comfortable living for renters.

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