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I started feeling comfortable about putting pressure on my feet again. When I wear OOFOS Recovery Sandals with the arch support it doesnt hurt but when i switch to regular shoes it starts to hurt. I think when I have pressure in the areas where the bone of my feet touches my shoe it causes pain. See how it gets worse over time in the timeline below.

These days I have been going out to get some sun a lot and my feet reacts less and less to the sun compared to the time in April 2021, which is a good thing. But, these days I actually rub my feet a lot to try to aggravate it and help it get warm or I step on the floor and hurt my feet a bit so the inflammation will get blood flowing into my feet because my feet was cold all the time. At one point no matter how much and hard I rub my feet it wouldn't get warm. See pictures below it is June 5, 2021 4:22PM and the temperature is around 72F.

5/28/2021 to 6/5/2021 I was wearing my OOFOS Recovery sandals with the arch support when ever I was sitting and I was resting my foot on the floor. My feet did not hurt because there was not that much pressure on my ball of feet or heel because I had arch support. I did calf and shin exercises with a exercise band every day, I got more and more aggressive (high number of repetition and sets) with the exercise band because it didn't cause any pain..

  • 5/28/2021 I stood up wearing the OOFOOS Recovery Sandals with the arch support. I stood up while holding something and sat back down. I can feel the top of my feet hurting when standing but it subsided.

  • 5/29/2021 I walked 10 steps wearing the OOFOOS Recovery Sandals with a walker. I did this 3 times spread out the day. But i felt like it was bad for my feet so the next day I sat in my wheelchair and used my feet to push myself around the house.

  • 5/30/2021 and 5/31/2021 I sat in my wheelchair and used my feet to push myself around the house wearing the OOFOOS Recovery Sandals as exercise.

  • 6/1/2021 to 6/5/2021 I did air squats while holding something wearing the OOFOOS Recovery Sandals. I did 10 repetitions and did 3 sets throughout the day.

6/6/2021 to 6/7/2021 I was wearing the shoes I always wear in the house which are Asic nimbus running shoes.

  • The first day (6/6/2021) I was not putting much pressure on my feet when seated. And I was taking my shoes off a lot because I was not yet comfortable having me feet in my shoes a lot.

  • The second day (6/7/2021) I got more comfortable and I was resting my feet on the floor with my shoes on while seated and I was even comfortable propping my elbow on my knee and putting weight on my knee. It was a mistake because after 2 hours of this my feet started hurting but I continued for another hour and from there I knew I must stop. I took my shoes off and I lift my feet off the floor so I would not have pressure on my feet.

After 6/7/2021 I would have pain under my feet in the areas of the picture below. This pain lasted until (update the date).

6/7/2021 Highest Temperature of the day 64

This was the day that pain started happening because I was wearing my shoes and putting pressure on my feet.

6/8/2021 Highest Temperature of the day 66

I have pain under my feet in the picture indicated below. I wear socks all the time because my feet is cold. See the imprint my sock makes under my feet? I don't have swelling because if I had swelling I wouldn't have my sock imprinted into my feet.

Time 11:08 PM

6/9/2021 Highest Temperature of the day 66

See my Vlog about being in the sun for 1 hour and my feet not really reacting to the sun with swelling. It was a windy day btw.

Time 3:01 PM

6/10/2021 Highest Temperature of the day 68

6/11/2021 Highest Temperature of the day 72

6/12/2021 Highest Temperature of the day 79

6/13/2021 Highest Temperature of the day 75

Today I decided to document how my feet looks like compared to other peoples feet. These pictures were taken at 11:20 AM. I woke up at about 10:20 AM. The person that I used to take the pictures with said, "Your feet looks like death." Then they looked at my face and said, "Opps, sorry."

6/14/2021 Highest Temperature of the day 73

6/15/2021 Highest Temperature of the day 73

Time 2:30 PM

Time 2:32 PM

6/16/2021 Highest Temperature of the day 84

Slept with the windows closed so it was pretty warm in the morning. Woke up and once I put my feet down it was immediately puffy. I think temperature really is affecting how swollen my foot gets. The first half of the day I sat on my sofa but it was swelling up pretty intense so for the rest of the day I laid down on a zero gravity chair. A couple days ago I was worried because my feet is always cold and purple. Now my feet is puffy and warm.

6/17/2021 Highest Temperature of the day 88

Slept with the windows open so it was not as warm in the morning. This day I spent the whole day in a zero gravity chair with a fan blowing air on me. Surprisingly even when I laid down on my zero gravity chair my feet was slightly more swollen then usual. The color in my feet and legs look great, its not purple and its got a glow to it, it looks nice and healthy..

6/18/2021 Highest Temperature of the day 82

Today was the same as the previous day. I notice that when my feet is swollen and full of blood it doesnt have that stinging pain i usually feel in my heel when my heel touches something or if i touch my heel.

6/19/2021 Highest Temperature of the day 77

Feet was not puffy today, laid down in the zero gravity chair all day. I think because its not as hot my feet isn't getting swollen. My feet doesnt hurt in the areas of the picture anymore. I started noticing on the hot days that these areas didn't hurt anymore and i wondered if when it cools down will these areas hurt.

6/20/2021 Highest Temperature of the day 75

Today is the same as the previous day. I ate spicy food and as my body and forehead was getting warm because I can't handle spicy foods my toe also gets prickly feeling and start to swell a little and feels warm. I should try this again in the future and see if my body reacts to spicy food.

6/21/2021 Highest Temperature of the day 73

Today I sat on a sofa and zero gravity chair. My feet didn’t get puffy. In the morning my feet was very purple. I woke up at 10 AM and I took some picture of my feet at 10:48AM. My feet was cold all day long. I notice that if my leg is in a horizontal position its not purple but if its in a dependent position its purple. At 6:08 PM my feet was 75 degrees and the room was 75 degrees. My feet started getting a bit puffy at dinner because I was sitting on the sofa with my feet up on the sofa, but the puffiness was really minor and it went away after a hour of laying down on the zero gravity chair.

6/22/2021 Highest Temperature of the day Today I sat on the sofa all day long. I notice when the room is cold it feels like my feet is in a block of ice. My feet feels like its burning or stinging because its so cold, but its not intense. It is difficult to describe. I would like to see how my feet reacts in warm weather again.

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

I got sick on Jan 8, 2020 and had a severe sore throat, chills, fever, occasional phlegmy cough, and was really tired. It also hurt to talk or swallow (for some reason I had to swallow before every word I spoke). I felt like I was dying and I had never been so sick in my life. I laid in bed and slept for 4 straight days and only got up to freshen up, use the restroom and eat before getting back into bed to sleep again. When I was sick I forbid my mother to enter my home because I absolutely did not want her to get what ever sickness I had.

However my younger sister entered my home to pick something up. Shortly she got sick also, she had a fever, sore throat, cough, and every time she swallowed it hurt. She coughed phlegm out for the first time in her whole life. She slept all day for one whole day and couldn't keep her eyes open for 5 minutes. She also lost her sense of taste.

One interesting thing was that from this day forward my resting heart rate is now about 98 BPM when seated or in a standing position. When laying down its about 65 BPM, but goes up over 32 BPM when seated or standing.

My resting heart rate used to be about 65 BPM in a seated or standing position, I have years of health records documenting this.

Vitals from Hospital visit when I was sick.

BP: 99/57

Pulse: 98

Temp: 98.8 °F (37.1 °C)

TempSrc: Oral

SpO2: 95%

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