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Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Since the grocery trip to the store the ball of my feet and heel hurts from daily activity things like going to the bathroom, shower, brushing teeth, and cooking. This is what my feet looks like (See Figure 1-3). There is no swelling or redness of the feet, it’s blackish blue/purple at the heel. Do not excuse the coloration as dirty feet. I always wear shoes with socks at home, that coloration is internal. I felt like there was a blood flow issue with my feet because it was purple. I asked my doctor was there anything I could do like massage my foot to increase blood flow? Elevating my leg up so the blood flows easier to the heart? I told him I would not walk at all for the next 5 days.

I asked my doctor will warm water and Epsom salt foot spas every night help increase inflammation which brings more blood and tissue rebuilding processes to the area to heal faster? Using the warm foot spa was something I had already been doing daily. I don't care about inflammation causing pain if I can heal faster. I understood cold water decreases inflammation, which decrease pain but cause a longer healing period, so I didn’t ever want to make my feet cold.

Videos 1 and 2 I discuss where I feel pain. Please excuse how I pronounce metatarsal. Also at this point in time I say, 'I "think" I feel pain here,' because at this time I did not yet realize that my feet feels pain when in a dependent position. When I raise my foot up or massage out the blood/lymph/fluid or whatever, the pain lessens. It is only later around March 2021 that I realize that i can raise my feet up and drain out the fluid build up in my feet I feel less pain.

Figure 1: Discoloration in heel.

Figure 2: Discoloration in heel.

Figure 3: Discoloration in heel.

Video 1: Areas where I feel pain.

Video 2: Areas where I feel pain.

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