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12/7/2020 to 12/18/2020

On Dec 7th 2020 after visiting my pediatrist about the pain at the ball of my feet, he diagnosed me with capsulitis of the metatarsal joint in both feet. Right now it affects the 2nd and 3rd toe (See Figure 1) he gave me some Hapad cushion inserts to relieve pressure from the ball of my feet. He noted that the outside of my pinky toe is pinkish (See Figure 2) and recommended I get wider shoes.

I immediately bought two pairs of Size 10 Asic Nimbus 22 size EE (Wide). Note that I got my feet scanned at FleetFeet and my shoe size should be approximately 8.9 and size E (See Figure 3). I usually wear size 9.5 regular width Asic Nimbus. I never had an issue with the width of my shoes before.

Between Dec 7th - Dec 18th I used the Hapads in my shoe when I need to walk around the house and go to work.

I went to work on site at my job on Dec 14, 15, and 17th. I began to have more foot pain. It’s affecting the 2nd to 5th toes on both feet at the metatarsal joint. Because the ball of feet hurts, I started to curl my toes to use them as claws to keep the pressure off the ball of my feet. Doing this for one day caused my toes to hurt really bad so I had to stop doing that. So instead I leaned my body back to distribute the pressure on my heels. After 1 hour of doing this, my heel starts to hurt A LOT so I also had to stop doing this also.

I took medical leave from work since Dec 18th and did not return to work since then because my feet just kept getting worse.

Figure 1: Pain in 2nd and 3rd metatarsal joint.

Figure 2: Redness at two areas

Figure 3: Feet scan at fleet feet.

Figure 3: Just a picture of my feet on Dec 7 2020

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