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Feeling comfortable

I started feeling comfortable about putting pressure on my feet again. When I wear OOFOS Recovery Sandals with the arch support it doesnt hurt but when i switch to regular shoes it starts to hurt. I think when I have pressure in the areas where the bone of my feet touches my shoe it causes pain. See how it gets worse over time in the timeline below.

These days I have been going out to get some sun a lot and my feet reacts less and less to the sun compared to the time in April 2021, which is a good thing. But, these days I actually rub my feet a lot to try to aggravate it and help it get warm or I step on the floor and hurt my feet a bit so the inflammation will get blood flowing into my feet because my feet was cold all the time. At one point no matter how much and hard I rub my feet it wouldn't get warm. See pictures below it is June 5, 2021 4:22PM and the temperature is around 72F.

5/28/2021 to 6/5/2021 I was wearing my OOFOS Recovery sandals with the arch support when ever I was sitting and I was resting my foot on the floor. My feet did not hurt because there was not that much pressure on my ball of feet or heel because I had arch support. I did calf and shin exercises with a exercise band every day, I got more and more aggressive (high number of repetition and sets) with the exercise band because it didn't cause any pain..

  • 5/28/2021 I stood up wearing the OOFOOS Recovery Sandals with the arch support. I stood up while holding something and sat back down. I can feel the top of my feet hurting when standing but it subsided.

  • 5/29/2021 I walked 10 steps wearing the OOFOOS Recovery Sandals with a walker. I did this 3 times spread out the day. But i felt like it was bad for my feet so the next day I sat in my wheelchair and used my feet to push myself around the house.

  • 5/30/2021 and 5/31/2021 I sat in my wheelchair and used my feet to push myself around the house wearing the OOFOOS Recovery Sandals as exercise.

  • 6/1/2021 to 6/5/2021 I did air squats while holding something wearing the OOFOOS Recovery Sandals. I did 10 repetitions and did 3 sets throughout the day.

6/6/2021 to 6/7/2021 I was wearing the shoes I always wear in the house which are Asic nimbus running shoes.

  • The first day (6/6/2021) I was not putting much pressure on my feet when seated. And I was taking my shoes off a lot because I was not yet comfortable having me feet in my shoes a lot.

  • The second day (6/7/2021) I got more comfortable and I was resting my feet on the floor with my shoes on while seated and I was even comfortable propping my elbow on my knee and putting weight on my knee. It was a mistake because after 2 hours of this my feet started hurting but I continued for another hour and from there I knew I must stop. I took my shoes off and I lift my feet off the floor so I would not have pressure on my feet.

After 6/7/2021 I would have pain under my feet in the areas of the picture below. This pain lasted until (update the date).

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