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Severe Sickness on January 8, 2020

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

I got sick on Jan 8, 2020 and had a severe sore throat, chills, fever, occasional phlegmy cough, and was really tired. It also hurt to talk or swallow (for some reason I had to swallow before every word I spoke). I felt like I was dying and I had never been so sick in my life. I laid in bed and slept for 4 straight days and only got up to freshen up, use the restroom and eat before getting back into bed to sleep again. When I was sick I forbid my mother to enter my home because I absolutely did not want her to get what ever sickness I had.

However my younger sister entered my home to pick something up. Shortly she got sick also, she had a fever, sore throat, cough, and every time she swallowed it hurt. She coughed phlegm out for the first time in her whole life. She slept all day for one whole day and couldn't keep her eyes open for 5 minutes. She also lost her sense of taste.

One interesting thing was that from this day forward my resting heart rate is now about 98 BPM when seated or in a standing position. When laying down its about 65 BPM, but goes up over 32 BPM when seated or standing.

My resting heart rate used to be about 65 BPM in a seated or standing position, I have years of health records documenting this.

Vitals from Hospital visit when I was sick.

BP: 99/57

Pulse: 98

Temp: 98.8 °F (37.1 °C)

TempSrc: Oral

SpO2: 95%

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